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Finding the right nanny is about more than just childcare; it's about building strong, nurturing relationships that help your child learn and grow.

At our platform, we specialize in connecting families with
top-notch nannies across the country, ensuring through our personalized matching process that each candidate is a seamless fit for your unique needs and values. 

Our super nannies don’t wear
capes, but they should. 

We understand the importance of harmonizing with your parenting style, keeping your children safe, joyful, and intellectually stimulated.

Exceptional Care

• Experienced: Our nannies are seasoned professionals.
• Loving: They provide a nurturing environment.
• Reliable: You can count on their dependability.
• Quality Care: We're committed to the highest standards.

We'll work tirelessly to get your placement right the first time
and we provide a 300-day guarantee
if it's not the right fit.

Let us know if your placement isn't working out, and we'll replace your nanny for free. 

• CPR Certified Candidates
• Rigorous Screening (Background Check
  & Reference Verification)
• Ongoing Support and Replacements
• Full-Time and Part-Time Nannies

300 Day Guarantee

Bring harmony to your busy household

Exceptional Nannies

Peace of mind

"she has a knack for client comfort"

Love Notes

"I was continually impressed at how fast she responded to my emails and addressed my every concern whether large or small. Maya truly made this arduous process, easy and we absolutely love our new nanny and will definitely be working with this company again to fill our other household positions.
Thank you Maya and the staff at Nanny Aid for our newest “family member”."

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"They're so awesome"

Love Notes

With The Nanny Aid, finding a qualified nanny is easy and convenient. From vetting highly qualified candidates to arranging interviews, we've got you covered. Let us help you find the perfect nanny with our comprehensive screening process and personalized matching system.

With our years of experience in the industry, we can help source candidates who excel with joy in their field and thrive in the childcare profession. You won't have to worry about finding someone who meets your standards—we only match you with knock-your-socks-off quality candidates.

You don’t have to search countless resumes to find the perfect fit. 

This Hire Is Big—We’ll Make It Count

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Finally, we’ll define your contract and support you through your placement. 

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Next, we’ll send candidates your way for interviews. 

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Then, we'll hop on a consultation call and start screening applicants you’ll love. 

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Our simple process for matching you with extraordinary nannies

How Our Nanny Placement Service Works 

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After a successful career as a governess, and estate management for high-profile households, I learned a thing or two about what makes an exceptional nanny. Now, I'm building a network of like-minded nannies and families to make finding the perfect nanny a breeze for busy parents. 

the brains of this operation.

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