The Nanny Aid, the New Super Nannies on the Block.

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Finding the perfect balance in your life with the help of your new care provider, Nanny Aid!


Our new normal has made it easier than ever to work from home or enjoy a hybrid schedule, and yet, finding childcare is as important as ever. While you’re able to enjoy your children at home, you still need to host those board meetings. Or maybe you need to run errands, but your baby is taking a nap. Or perhaps you just need some time to catch up. Whatever you need your time for, that’s where we come in! The Nanny Aid connects trained super nannies with loving families looking for an in-home nanny. Gone are the days of multiple interviews that lead nowhere, we hire super nannies who are the best in your area.


Who is The Nanny Aid?


Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finding a super nanny or a nanny position? The nanny aid takes the guesswork out of finding your next nanny or nanny position. We’re dedicated professionals who match loving families and dedicated nannies. 


How we’re different


Here at The Nanny Aid, we provide a different experience that is straightforward and rewarding. We take into account several factors when matching families and nannies such as qualifications, experience, and personality. After we have narrowed down the search, we set up interviews with prompts and guides to help the families and nannies feel heard and empowered. 


Our mission and goal


Our mission is to bring peace of mind to the family unit, to bring job satisfaction to nannies, and to connect both parties in a mutual relationship. Our goal is to find the best care for your children with our qualified super nannies.


Connecting Families and Nannies


Nannies Looking for a Position


When most people think about nanny matching agencies, they think about finding a nanny for someone’s specific needs. They may go online and search for nannies for a specific age group, number of children, or location. However, what sets us apart from most of these nanny matching agencies is our focus on family culture. We believe that the most important part of a nanny’s job is to be a part of the family and to help create a family-friendly environment. We also believe that a nanny’s job is to help nurture and care for the children, not to replace the mother or father.


Our nannies are full-time or part-time with varying desires for their roles. Some of our nannies prefer one position, while others like to rotate families throughout the week. Regardless of your desires, we hope to help find your next nanny position!


Families Looking to Hire a Nanny


When you need someone to care for your children in their own homes, finding the right nanny can be challenging. We can help you find someone that is professional, caring, and most importantly wants to be there.


We work with both full-time and part-time nannies and help people find caregivers who match their needs. Our team will help you find someone who seamlessly joins your family dynamic, including matching your children’s personalities with those of our super nannies.


Working with families is a rewarding experience. That is what can be said about the work that we do, providing nannies and caregivers to families in need. We are able to be there for them in all of their parenting needs, including child care providers and more.




It is not an easy task to find the right person for the job. There are many factors that can affect this decision, such as childcare experience in the preferred location and more. Luckily, it is our job at The Nanny Aid, to help you find the right person for your family’s needs.


Here’s a little tip: communication goes a long way. Being open and honest with us about your expectations and past positions or nannies will allow us to connect you with the perfect family. Now let’s find your next super nanny or family! Contact us today to get started.